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This picture (Click "Read more" below to see photograph and read entire installation address) that you see is not only of my mother’s most prized possession, me, her only child, but it is also a tribute to her, the most beautiful woman in my eyes, Mrs. J. Geneva Fubara. She finished making this gown for me just before I left for the airport for Convention, right here in Charlotte, NC, in 2014. She spent all night perfecting it, and just when I thought I would have to give up on taking this gown, she showed up at my door around 5 AM to surprise me, and she said to me “Baby, I told you that I would”. That lesson to me was, “I Can”. That was the type of person she was: kind, loving, selfless and devoted. Mama passed away in 2016. As her precious possession, I aspire to be everything that she was: kind, loving, selfless and devoted to this organization. Read more...