Upcoming Association, Chapter, & Class Events






Distinguished guests, Friends of BWHES, fellow Spartans:


This picture that you see is not only of my mother’s most prized possession, me, her only child, but it is also a tribute to her, the most beautiful woman in my eyes, Mrs. J. Geneva Fubara. She finished making this gown for me just before I left for the airport for Convention, right here in Charlotte, NC, in 2016. She spent all night perfecting it, and just when I thought I would have to give up on taking this gown, she showed up at my door around 5 AM to surprise me, and she said to me “Baby, I told you that I would”. That lesson to me was, “I Can”. That was the type of person she was:  kind, loving, selfless and devoted. Mama passed away in 2016. As her precious possession, I aspire to be everything that she was: kind, loving, selfless and devoted to this organization.


To my wonderful family, Glenn, my husband, Kamalenn and Marcus, my babies, thanks for all your love and support. I wouldn’t be here today without you…


When Emerita, Gudrun Harris, contacted me with an invite for the Class of ‘87 to come to Convention, being an active member of the association was the furthest thing from my mind. I joined in 2010 with the desire to bring my class into the fold. We had an amazing time, all 18 of us, at Convention in Atlanta, GA.  Little did I know at the time, the sacrifices that members of the association were making behind the scene to allow me to dance the night away.  When Emeritus KC Diggs contacted me to become part of the Audit Committee, I sent him my resume and bragged ( CHUCKLE) about how good I was in balancing finances. Little did I know the next 8 years of my life, along with that of our former National Treasurer and National Financial Secretary, Meyartha Logan, would be spent keeping the association finances in order, and when the festivities of the convention nights were over, we were still there balancing the books and making sure that everything was as it should be. As I became more involved in the organization, my desire for having an amazing time did not wane, however a more burning passion to give back to my Alma Mater took over. I had no ambition to become National Chair. My goal was to do the best that I could for the betterment of the association and our school. King Solomon, referred to as the wisest man that ever lived, said it best: there is a time for everything. He’s right, Kamah, it is time to dance less and now work harder to lead this association


I am proud to be surrounded by this amazing and dedicated team of M Deconte Brumskine-Ricks, Wanda Bropleh, J. Famatta Hubbard, Marvin Cassell, Melreta Garnett-Herring and Ma Mary Barker(My own Classmate from 87), …… We are ready and We Can.


Here are our priorities for the next two years:


  1. Our Capital Campaign is kicking underway again and we’ll be working hand in hand with our dedicated and tireless Capital Campaign Chair, Cllr Mohamedu Jones in generating more revenues. Our goal for the next two years are 10 Hall of Famers, 10 Gold Club and 5 Life Timers. At the upcoming board meeting, we will be launching the “Every Alumnus, An Annual $25 Giver” - this is where all of us and each of us can participate. By Convention 2023, we want 200 Spartans to be a $25 Annual Giver. Leading by example, all National Officers will be a $25 Annual Giver at the October board meeting. We are calling all board members to meet this challenge by October. You can only ask your chapter members to be $25 Annual Giver if you are. I promise to never ask you to do anything that I would not do myself.
  2. National Chair Chapter Roundtable - in order to interact more and strengthen bond with members, each National Officer will be assigned to a chapter attending meeting, remotely. As National Chair, I will interact with chapters quarterly.
  3. We will continue support for scholarships, and other academic programs at our Alma Mater. We will also explore sister schools relationship that way our kids can interact with other classes in the US virtually.
  4. Transparency and Accountability - this is a hallmark of our association and we will meet or surpass this expectation.


The pandemic has cost us much in lives, jobs and precious time together. Let this be a time of renewal for all of us, let us rededicate ourselves to each other, and to our Alma Mater. . Fellow Spartans, thank you for your vote of confidence. My promise to you will be a 100% commitment and my team and I will always lead by example. Let’s reimagine our association and remake it. Let the sweet music of our voices swell the chorus in the air that We Are Spartans, We Are Back, We are Ready and We Can.



I thank you.